Sunday, August 15, 2010

And so it begins... the day is finally here. After years of wanting to join the Peace Corps and an 11-month application process, today is the day that I finally embark on my 27-month journey! At 3:27, I'll board a train to Philadelphia where the lovely and gracious Michele Style will pick me up from the train station and bring me to the hotel where my pre-departure orientation, or staging, will be held. After lots of shots (not the alcoholic kind) and icebreakers with my fellow volunteers, I'll fly to Windhoek, Namibia by way of Johannesburg on Tuesday morning. I CAN'T WAIT! Of course, I'm so so sad to be leaving all the love and support I have at home (and thanks to everyone for all the well wishes!). I'm also nervous about all of the unknowns that lie ahead but more than anything I am INCREDIBLY excited.

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. click click BYE JULIE click click. miss you already!

  2. ok..i'm ready for the next post already! lol. i keep checking cuz i wanna hear about ur arrivalll!!! miss u so much! love u! xoxoxo